Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Traveling involves many experiences. One thing that’s certain, especially for the first-timer, is the possibility of making mistakes. As you gain more experience with each trip, it would be easier to prevent costly errors. Without further ado, let’s see the ones to avoid when traveling.

Not Having Enough (Correct) Information about a Place

Any guide book for your destination is useful. However, be sure that the book contains correct and updated details about the location. Get a comprehensively written book if possible. Imagine embarking on a journey to a place where there’s an epidemic or terrorist activities happening, but you know nothing about such events. It’s like walking into an obvious trap with your eyes wide open. You’ll have only yourself to blame.

Avoid locations that are considered dangerous to travel to. The risk is never worth it. Do extensive research on the place you’re visiting before your arrival. Ignorance can be deadly and may lead to regrets. Every place has its bad sides. Trust no one, even if the people are known to be friendly.

Going Phoneless

No, not in this digital age… Don’t put yourself through such a risk, even if you’re undergoing a digital detox program. Always ensure that there’s a phone with you. With it, you can do the following:

  • Access emergency services
  • Make hotel or hostel reservations
  • Access Wi-Fi for research, fun, and so on
  • Communicate with loved ones and other travelers

Letting Your Guard Down when You Meet Strangers

In the course of your travels, you’ll meet many people. There’ll be no choice but to talk to them—possibly to make enquiries, answer questions, make payments, and so on. Still, it’s necessary to exercise caution when dealing with them. This also depends on the location you’re in.

To be safe in any city, ensure that you protect yourself against scammers and thieves. Your money and valuables should be well-kept at all times. Avoid communicating with strangers as much as you can (especially beggars) because they may have ulterior motives.

There are many dangers in that tourists are exposed to. For example: human (sex) traffickers, illegal human organ harvesters, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. All these examples involve coming into contact with strangers. Getting into dangerous situations starts from making yourself prone to being deceived, cornered, and/or attacked. Not to scare you, but this is the reality of the world we live in.

Traveling without Insurance

The importance of travel insurance cannot be overemphasized. Emergencies may come up. It can be a medical emergency or other matters of urgency that would require the immediate need of funds. Ensure you’re protected against unforeseen circumstances by being insured.

You can decide not to navigate the area alone if you’re traveling solo. It could make the experience even more fun. You’ll feel safer too, of course. Based on the agreement you have with your travel agency, your lodging can organize tours that involve moving around the city with other tourists. Still, if you prefer moving on your own, then you should do so with caution. Good luck in ensuring a smooth trip!

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