Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

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When the worlds’ first scheduled flight took off with a paying passenger in 1914, no one imagined that people would embrace this form of transport.

Air travel is now commonplace; people fly to school, visit family, on business, and vacation spots and most have one goal in common. To travel as economically as possible. Everyone wants a good deal. The following are some tips for booking cheap flights.

Plan and Book Early

It is usually advantageous to purchase your ticket early; at least 3 months before your date of intended departure. This is to secure lower-priced seats before they are sold out. Early bookings are especially recommended for travel during the holiday seasons. It is not uncommon for fares to rise 3 weeks before departure. 

An added advantage of an early booking is that you have a better chance of obtaining the seat of your choice.

Try to work with Flexible Dates and Times

You will find that travel on weekdays is considered ‘off-peak’ and weekend travel is ‘peak’ when it comes to fare levels. Hence, plan your departures accordingly. Compare the available fares for both weekdays and weekend travel before you settle on specific travel dates.

In addition, check out the fares for early morning departures and late-night ones. Since they are generally unpopular times to travel, you may be able to obtain lower airfares.

Choose a Budget Airline

One tip for booking cheap flights is to travel on a budget airline. These are carriers that offer limited on-board services and charge extra for services such as check-in and carry-on baggage, food, and the use of credit cards.

Budget airlines offer cheap flights; however, they may fly in and out of smaller airports which may be further away from the main urban areas. You may need to consider the cost involved in getting to the center of the city.

Book connecting flights 

Sometimes fares are lower if you skip the non-stop flight to your destination and select an option with stops en route. This may involve travel on one or more airline partners, and the journey may last a couple of hours longer. However, the saving may be worth it in the long run.

Flight Search Websites

Do not limit your search to a single website as this will narrow your options. Not all airlines subscribe to the same website. It is, therefore, a good idea to investigate fares on two or three of the leading flight search websites to get a feel of the available fares during the period of time you wish to travel.

Compare Inclusive Package Rates

If you are traveling on vacation, likely you will require hotel rooms, transport, and sightseeing tours at your destination. You may find that the cost of an all-inclusive package may work out cheaper than flight only, therefore it is an option worth investigating.

When air travel began, fares were high. Few could afford this mode of travel; however reasonable priced tickets have made it possible for more and more people to sample the joys of travel within their budgets.…