6 Easy Tips To Win Friends in a Hostel

Hostel life is amazing! especially at night! friends, fun, and memories. The best thing about living in hotels – apart from location, ease, and price – is meeting new peoples. If you are new to the hotel, communicate with the people who’ve been there a while and you will get to know some interesting stories and cool events in the city. If you don’t know how to start making friends in hostels, this article will definitely help you. Stop being shy, let’s start!

Get Interested in People

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming more interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you” quoted Dale Carnegie in his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Build your interest in the person you want to be friends with. Talk with him about his interests, not yours. Start enjoying other interests!

Always Stay In A Dorm Room

This is the place where most friendships are made because you’re living in close quarters and, if you don’t talk, things are going to be awkward. You need to become savvy at judging the situation – some people will love you being full-on and being instant best friends. While others will be scared by this approach, especially as you have to sleep in the same room later. Just a friendly hello and quick question (see point 4) should give you all the indicators you need.

Enjoy Social Events

There is always an event or some outing going around in the hotels, you can sign up for. Go out, check the notice boards and ask at reception. All the hostels usually have some sort of bar crawl or a walking tour to get people socializing. Consider these events as an opportunity for meeting people and knowing them.

Start The Conversation!

When you meet someone in the hostel you can open the conversation by asking for Wifi Password, or the way to the library, or what’s good in the canteen today? It’s simple! these phrases are easy starters of a conversation. Then, you can bring a group of people together you have previously met separately. In this manner, everyone will be thankful because now you are their opportunity of meeting new people.

Don’t Hideaway In Your Bunk

Laying down in your bed while reading a book or listening to some cool music with your headphones will not make your friends. You will deliver the wrong impression and look introvert. Get up, get out on your skateboard, even if you need to carry a book with you outside. Maybe, the book could be a conversation starter!

Act Confidently

If you have found someone you’d like to spend time with. Ask them if them from some activity like checking out a monument together. And when someone asks you out, accept! You will enjoy traveling and unpredictable adventures with the people you meet.

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