Best Destinations for Couples

Travelling brings people together. Doing what you enjoy in exciting destinations is enriching, and it takes out the best in you—traveling together as a couple increases the bond of love and allows you to see a view of each other that encourages passion and admiration. In other words, travel is a fabulous recipe for intimacy and romance, to get to know yourselves and grow collectively as a couple.

Some couples prefer the chic escape, a mixture of nature and luxury in intimate settings that spark a desire with the innocence and joy of rediscovered love. Others prefer to getting lost in the beautiful cityscapes, combine with attractive people, and involve with impressive culture. However, others like to advance the limits of travel and head out on an adventure together. 

So, here is a list of the three best destinations to enjoy with your partners and strengthen your bond.


Bali is a gifted haven with something to offer every couple. If your story of romance is hiking through rolling rice paddies, lush greenery, monkey forests, and you’re in luck. Bali is also popular for its nightclub scene. Want to feel mentally enlightened? Bali has innumerable temples and shrines to visit. And if you love the beaches, the bevy of beaches of the island extends from white-sanded beaches on the south coast to the more amazing black sand you’ll experience on the northern and western coasts.

While some island sections have prepared a pre-modern appearance, the island is a famous traveler destination, so it’s well-equipped to assist worldwide tourists searching for a dreamy stay with luxuries like spas, high-end resorts, yoga classes, and Australian-influenced cafes.


Besides traveling to Tanzania to explore the intimidating Mount Kilimanjaro, A number of people tours the country because of the excellent wildlife conservation sites and parks. Traveling on safari reveals your eyes to a totally unfamiliar part of the world, allowing you and your significant other to experience some firsts: the very first drive, traversing exotic African plains with baobab trees, the first time you see a lion, or the first time ever you meet one of the local tribes people.

You’ll definitely desire to tour Ngorongoro Crater, the earth’s largest inactive and intact volcanic caldera. The bowl-like appearance of this volcanic caldera forms a natural boundary for the animals, increasing the chances safari-goers will be able to find all of the Big Five — lion, cheetah, elephant, rhino, and buffalo — throughout the tour. National Park of Serengeti is another famous safari stop because of the area’s mass seasonal movements of zebra and wildebeest, big lion population, and variety of habitats and animals.


Santorini is having a moment on Instagram these days: 

The love in the air of the island pretty much sells itself; walking the hilly, weathered streets, bright white walls and blues roofs surround you, and in the evenings you enjoy incredible sunsets on the front-row seats. After the sun is down, the city lights up, and the houses, restaurants, and churches glow like stars.…